November 30, 2012

I'm no good

I don't know if I'll get any better at this, I would hope so, but I really haven't been a very good blogger...if there's a category for "bad bloggers" I'm sure I'm in it, I'm sooooooo boring, I have to change this, I have stories, I have photos, I hope maybe you'll be interested in them.

I haven't taken the time to research how to put a subscribe to, sign up, box thingie. Then maybe I can get some help from you expert bloggers, you can let dumb-dumb me, know how things work in this blogging world......I NEED HEEELLLP!!!

                                                       Photo's taken by Co (that's me)


I had a boyfriend from Tennessee(I'm talking down in the Hollar, back woods moonshine still, grandma sitting on the front porch of a shack of a house with a tin roof, in a rocking chair with a riffle and the bathroom is an outhouse, yep)well my boyfriends
cousin wanting us to go fishing with him...he knew a great before dawn, when the mist seemed 10foot high, we drove...or I should say "I" drove into the unknown with
these two idiots as my guides....It was a good thing no one else was on these dirt roads that could basically only fit one car...can't tell you how many times I had to stop and back up, because we missed our turn(no street signs, people just know there way around)So we finally made it to a destination that I still couldn't see, because the fog was so thick...but the cousin got out of the car and opened a large metal gate
and motioned me to drive in, then he closed the gate behind us...I had my bright lights on and still couldn't see more than 2 foot in front of me...and then my car starts bouncing up and down because we're on hilly by now I had had enough and wanted to turn around...the cousin says we're almost there. Then suddenly I had to slam on the breaks...I was now staring an angry Bull in the did my heart jump out of my chest and I think the idiots needed to change their now no one knows what to do, but I asked "where on earth are we"!!! Then the cousin says he knows this farmer who has a lake in the middle of his BULL pasture, but normally the Bulls aren't around(I could have killed him, because now it was time for the Bull was extra territorial)...I slowly pulled my car back, just a little, the Bull seemed to be irritated by the sound of the car the fog was lifting a little, just enough to see a whole group of cows(I'm guessing they were all the Bull's harem)The cousin assures me it will be alright and to just drive around I ever so slowly start to make my way around the bovine and again start bouncing through the hilly pasture, when I have to slam on the breaks again because now we heard a gunshot(so far this is the best fishing trip ever :hmm:)...the farmer who owned the land wanted to know who we were...WHAT!...the cousin said, he knew this farmer and it was not a problem, he got out of the car and went to talk to the farmer,I have no idea what he said to the farmer but the farmer gave us the go ahead but not to stay too long...The Bull seemed okay to let me pass but he stayed close to my car for a short time but it seemed like forever and then I wasn't sure I wanted to even get out of the car now...actually I stayed in my car till the fog had lifted enough so I could see where that Bull was because I was NOT getting out of my car on any other terms...So there we three were fishing in what was more like a hole, than a lake or even a pond...I wasn't so sure that it wasn't the place where the cows drank from, especially when one walked up to quench it's thirst...that was it! I was done...I couldn't believe I got talked into this...well with one last ditch effort they talked me into staying just a little longer...well since I was fed up with them I went to the opposite side of the "hole" and told them to stay away from me...well about 25 mins. went by and I caught a fish and the idiots caught nothing...but it wasn't exactly dinner since it was only like 6 inches big....So the moral of the story is...If an idiot wants to lead you, do NOT follow!  

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