November 29, 2013

by ~IamCo

Eyes full of hope and fear,
a heart overwhelmed by

She is a woman,
my mother, someone's daughter,
could be your sister and friend

She has been robbed of something
that can not be replaced

Cancer, it's a sadistic thief,
breast, colon, bone, it doesn't

It's has an evil touch that can spread

without notice

to another and another and in it's 
path are scars and pain

When you make it through and
tear yourself away from the evil

Then the scars will fade in time and 
the pain will evaporate from

You are a woman
with new found strength,
with more hope than fear

And where evil may go, you can
now follow and what it touches
you can help to heal

I have lost too many to Cancer
I just wanted to share

November 26, 2013

I Still Have Sleepless Nights

Sleepless Nights
by ~IamCo

Why do you want me 
have I not given you enough?

Why do you stop sweet slumber
from resting upon my eyes?

I have given birth and given
many a night thereafter,
now I pray that you let me be

I thought with age my rest was due
but you claim me as if I owe you

Oh, sleepless night please
take from another, to whom
sleep is not so precious

Moon, stars and heavens sing me a lullaby
let the night air cradle me in it's arms

May my thoughts drift away with the clouds
so I will have a sleepless night, no more

My son is 22 now

November 25, 2013

; )

I am in Love
by ~IamCo

With just a glance I feel
anticipation and longing

I draw back the blankets
a feeling of calm joy
overcomes me

There's a sweet smell
of cotton, the feel of it
is even sweeter

Spreading my body the
length of my bed I sink
into a cloud like cushion

Easing the blankets up
over me, they drape around
my body hugging me entirely

Then I tug the covers to my
nose to breathe in the
coziness of it all

As I rest my head to my pillow
I move it back and forth
just a tiny bit

Now I'm perfectly cradled
my thoughts of the day
have faded

I sigh a big sigh as I meet
complete comfort

My eyelids become heavy
with this satisfaction

I am in LOVE

With my bed

November 24, 2013

WOW! Almost a year writing and photos it is

photo by Co...necklace made by Co (me)

Forbidden Love
by ~IamCo

Love is within my eyes view
Yet I can not love what I see

How my lips dothe speak
against my heart

Love's dew is wet upon my
lips, more wet with each
stolen glance

Again my lips speak I can not,
I can not, I can not love the one
in my eyes view

I can not want temptations lips
wet upon mine

Oh! how my lips dothe speak
against my heart, that beats
within me full beneath my

Treacherous heart!
Oh! treacherous heart that
beats within me wrong

How can I want so much the love
which is wrong, that I would
wish it right?

I was going through a Shakespeare phase, hehe