November 24, 2013

WOW! Almost a year writing and photos it is

photo by Co...necklace made by Co (me)

Forbidden Love
by ~IamCo

Love is within my eyes view
Yet I can not love what I see

How my lips dothe speak
against my heart

Love's dew is wet upon my
lips, more wet with each
stolen glance

Again my lips speak I can not,
I can not, I can not love the one
in my eyes view

I can not want temptations lips
wet upon mine

Oh! how my lips dothe speak
against my heart, that beats
within me full beneath my

Treacherous heart!
Oh! treacherous heart that
beats within me wrong

How can I want so much the love
which is wrong, that I would
wish it right?

I was going through a Shakespeare phase, hehe


  1. I'm commenting on myself to see if this works :D

  2. YAAY!!! it works! it's your turn :D


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