November 29, 2013

by ~IamCo

Eyes full of hope and fear,
a heart overwhelmed by

She is a woman,
my mother, someone's daughter,
could be your sister and friend

She has been robbed of something
that can not be replaced

Cancer, it's a sadistic thief,
breast, colon, bone, it doesn't

It's has an evil touch that can spread

without notice

to another and another and in it's 
path are scars and pain

When you make it through and
tear yourself away from the evil

Then the scars will fade in time and 
the pain will evaporate from

You are a woman
with new found strength,
with more hope than fear

And where evil may go, you can
now follow and what it touches
you can help to heal

I have lost too many to Cancer
I just wanted to share

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