November 25, 2013

; )

I am in Love
by ~IamCo

With just a glance I feel
anticipation and longing

I draw back the blankets
a feeling of calm joy
overcomes me

There's a sweet smell
of cotton, the feel of it
is even sweeter

Spreading my body the
length of my bed I sink
into a cloud like cushion

Easing the blankets up
over me, they drape around
my body hugging me entirely

Then I tug the covers to my
nose to breathe in the
coziness of it all

As I rest my head to my pillow
I move it back and forth
just a tiny bit

Now I'm perfectly cradled
my thoughts of the day
have faded

I sigh a big sigh as I meet
complete comfort

My eyelids become heavy
with this satisfaction

I am in LOVE

With my bed

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